Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Twenty-Three Seconds

Liv went to unlock her front door, and found it open. Warily, she made her way down the front hall, and was surprised when she got to her living room and saw the slender man in the light grey suit sitting on her couch. His sharply planed face was wreathed in shadow thanks to the beam of moonlight coming in through the window behind him, but she was familiar with his dark hair shot through with silver, deep set eyes so brown they were almost black, his slim nose, thin cruel mouth, and those cheekbones that looked like they could cut glass.

“Thane, what are you doing here?”

“I need you.”

Her expression grew tight, “You know that us being together can have…consequences.”

He sat for a moment, studying her. Her white dress, embroidered with flowers and butterflies, seemed to glow. It hugged her voluptuous figure, and along with her rich red hair, pale skin, leaf green eyes, and full pink lips, she was every inch a goddess. He stood then, and came into the light, and she was surprised to see he’d been crying.

“Liv, I…”

Her expression softened, and she walked over to him. She gently brushed the tears from his cheeks, and took his face in her hands, “Darling, what’s wrong?”

“I’m just so tired. This world…” he gestured to the city lights outside her window, “I’m sick of humanity. Of their ignorance, violence, and hate. They've been keeping me far too busy lately. I wish they'd just nuke themselves and get it over with. It would certainly make my job easier,” he spat out angrily.

“You don’t mean that,” she chided him.

He saw the hurt look on her face, and his expression softened, "No, I don't. Because I know how much pain and suffering it would cause you. I just feel stretched so thin…I need to get away for a while, even if it's just an hour or two. I need you."

He reached up and took her wrists, holding them tightly. At his touch, her knees buckled slightly. He pulled her against him, and feeling his body against hers caused a shock to go through her.

“Please, Livvy,” he pleaded.

Against her better judgement she tilted her face up to his, and he captured her lips in a kiss. He let go of her wrists, and wrapped his arms around her, letting out a groan of need. His tongue moved along her bottom lip, and she parted them to let him in. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and her hips ground against his.

Their tongues tangled together, and he quite literally left her breathless. She pulled back a little, and as she sucked air back into her lungs, he nipped at her lower lip. His hand worked up into her hair, and he wound it around his fist and pulled her head back, trailing his mouth down the smooth column of her neck.

Thane pulled back, “Undress for me.”

Liv blushed, “Here?”

“Right here. I want to see you naked in the moonlight.”

She gave him a playful smile and spun around, “Help me with my zipper?”

He wordlessly gripped the small metal tab, and slowly drew it down, exposing her soft warm skin. She could bring heat to his bones in a way that no one else could. He fed on that warmth, on her vitality. It made him feel alive. He watched as she slipped out of the sleeves of the dress, and wiggled it past her lush hips to puddle at the floor.

She reached back for the clasp of her bra, and removed it with practiced ease, before sliding her panties down her long legs. She peeked back at him, “Shoes too?”

He took in the high, delicate gold heels she was wearing, and with a small smile replied, “Leave the shoes.”

She laughed, and he felt it vibrate through him. With a low growl he slid up behind her, and clasped her throat in one of his big hands. He moved it up until her head was tilted back, and squeezed with a gentle pressure as he gazed at her.

She gasped in surprise, but felt no fear as she looked up into his eyes. He would never, could never, really hurt her. She felt his other hand tweak her nipple, and she arched her back, driving her ass against his pelvis. His hand moved from her breast down her belly, and the muscles of her torso quivered under his touch.

“I’ve been able to think of nothing but you all day,” Thane whispered as his hand tightened around her throat, “Imagining you naked and panting underneath me.”

Liv’s breathing quickened, both from his words and her slightly restricted airflow. He had an effect on her like no one else. He exuded quiet power, and their pairing was generally frowned upon, which made it all that much more delicious. When she was with him, she let him do things to her that she’d never let any other man do. But she felt that tonight wouldn’t be one of those nights. Tonight his need was different…she felt he just wanted to be nurtured...to feel loved.

She was broken out of her reverie as his long fingers delved between her legs, and found her clit. He stroked it softly, and she moaned. She wiggled free from his grasp, and turned to face him. “Please”, she whispered as she slipped his jacket off his shoulders, and draped it over the back of a nearby chair. She kissed him as she undid the knot on his tie, and slid it out from under his collar and dropped it. Next she began to unbutton his shirt, planting soft kisses along the line of exposed skin. It quickly joined his jacket on the chair.

She knelt in front of him, and was about to unbuckle his belt, when Thane bent down and took her face between his hands.

“Liv…come with me.”

He helped her up, and he led her to the couch. He urged her up onto the back of it, and leaned her against the cool window. He knelt on the cushions, spread her legs, and ducked his head between them. She let out a shaky breath as his tongue circled around her labia, and separated her nether lips. Her fingers ran through his hair as he lapped up her sweet juices. He slid two fingers into her pussy, and circled her clit with his tongue. She mewled, and he sucked her bud between his lips. She wriggled against him, and her murmurs and cries were like the most beautiful music he’d ever heard.

He added a third finger into her pussy, and drove them in and out as he flicked her clit in rhythm with his tongue. Her fingers tightened in his hair, and he could barely breathe as she clamped her thighs around his head. She came with a shuddering cry, banging her head back against the window.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed, and laughed. As her climax dissipated and she released him, he looked up at her with a grin. It was something he did rarely, and it made him look surprisingly dorky, which just made her laugh even harder. He stood, and grabbed her ankles, and pulled her down to sit on the couch. She landed on the cushions with a giggle.

She watched raptly as he undid his belt, leaving the ends dangling as he undid the button at his waist and the zipper. He kicked off his shoes, and when he took off his pants, he managed to get his socks off as well. Her gaze skimmed up his lean muscled body to his face. A little smile still curled the corners of his lips, and she cocked an eyebrow at him, and subconsciously licked her lips.

She reached her arms out to him, and he stepped into them. She rested her hands on his hips, and scooted forward, perching her ass on the edge of the couch. His cock bobbed invitingly, and she ran her tongue around the head.

Thane hissed as she licked around the tip, then slowly parted her lips to take him into her mouth. His cock was cool to the touch, but warmed up as she bobbed her head, and swirled her tongue around it. The warmth of her mouth suffused through him, unknotting his muscles. He watched her through heavy lids, resting one hand gently on top of her head, guiding her ever so slightly. He groaned as she relaxed her throat, and swallowed his length down. Liv opened her eyes, and looked up at her lover. She sucked his cock slowly…dreamily…their gazes locked. He stroked her cheek, and she rested her head against his hand.

She felt his length twitch, and quickly dislodged him from her mouth. She adored him, but his cum tasted like licking a dirty ash tray. He understood her distaste for it, and never complained, mainly because that meant he would have the pleasure of coming inside her.

He hauled her up, swept her into his arms, and carried her into the bedroom. He placed her gently onto the bed and quickly joined her, covering her mouth with a kiss. Liv clutched him to her, and lifted her hips in invitation. He knelt up, and guided his cock to her pussy. Entering her was usually difficult, as her body instinctively resisted letting him inside, so he took it very slowly.

She whimpered as he worked his way in…it was always a tight fit. Her body screamed with resistance, but she breathed slow and steady, and willed her muscles to relax. When he finally bottomed out inside of her, they both let out a sigh of relief.

They stayed joined together like that for a moment, until she rolled her hips. “Please Thane…” she whispered. It was all the encouragement he needed. He started to move slowly, easing out and back in, kissing her gently to distract her. Eventually she began to buck her hips against him, matching his rhythm. That was his signal to speed things up.

“Play with your clit,” he whispered in her ear encouragingly. She moaned, and snaked her hand down to where they were joined. She gathered up some of her wetness, and began to circle the sensitive bud. With that touch she clutched almost painfully around him, but he loved the tightness of her pussy, and began to thrust into her with more speed and force.

Her eyes flew open, and her mouth formed an ‘O’ as she arched against him. Her free hand flopped to the bed, and Thane grabbed it. He held her down as his pace increased. Their bodies slapped together, and her finger on her clit moved furiously.

“Oh god, Thane…I’m going to come!”

“I’m almost there, darling…come with me…come with me!”

He pistoned into her a few more times, then gasped as she spasmed around him, a wail ripped from her throat. He groaned and let loose, filling her with his cum.

She gasped in pain mixed with pleasure, and Thane watched her complexion turn grey, while his suffused with color. In the 23 seconds that their climax lasted, the lines that separated them blurred. Twenty-three healthy pregnancies suddenly went wrong, leaving new parents devastated with grief, while an equal amount of people suffering from terminal illnesses were suddenly and inexplicably cured and given a new lease on life. The balance was maintained - this time - just not in the way it had been originally planned, leaving a jumble of confusion, sadness and joy in its wake.

Liv was boneless as he gathered her into his arms. He rubbed her back and limbs vigorously, warming her up, giving her back the heat he had taken from her. She jerked suddenly, and clutched at him with a sob.

“Shh, darling…just breathe…just breathe,” he encouraged as she gasped for air. He held her tightly against him, whispering sweet sentiments into her ear as she stabilized.

After a few minutes, she looked up at him with glassy eyes, and he kissed her gently, “I’m so sorry, Liv. I’m such a selfish bastard making you go through that.”

She laughed weakly, resting her head on his shoulder, “You’re lucky I’m a giver by nature.”

“I am,” he brushed her hair away from her face and tenderly kissed her forehead, “I am so very lucky.”

"Stay with me tonight," she murmured, "Let me make it all right.."

He smiled, and breathed in her perfume, "I love you. I can't exist without you."

"Or I, you. And I love you too."

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Dinner Party - Dessert

You can find the Appetizer course here.
The Main Course can be found here

Sandra stopped in the bathroom just off the stairs to dab her face with a cool wash cloth, and clean herself up a bit, then she hurried down the stairs to the study. She was still on the edge, and was trembling a bit from the stimulation from the pearl panties and her husband’s hand when she reached the bottom step.

The three men were sitting on the leather couch and easy chairs, divested of their jackets and ties, when she made her appearance.  Her eyes were wide, cheeks flushed, and her breath coming a bit heavily. Her husband smirked as the other two men raked their gazes over her.

“There you are,” he said fondly, “we were just talking about you.” She squirmed as he continued, “Since your service this evening was impeccable, thereby leaving nothing for us to punish you for, we’ve decided to play a game instead.”

The men smiled, and he explained further, “We’re going to start with 30 blows. These two men are going to work to make to you come, and for every minute that you hold off from doing so, we’ll subtract one blow. So for instance, if you make it a whole fifteen minutes, you’ll cut your punishment by half. Do you understand?”

Oh, she understood alright. She now knew why he’d edged her upstairs, and blushed. Knowing he expected an answer, she replied, “Yes, Sir, I understand.”

“Good girl!” he exclaimed, “Gentlemen, you may begin.”

Marcus came around, and sat on the edge of the large square ottoman, and motioned her over. She went to him on unsteady legs, and when she was in reach, he grabbed her hips, and held her still. Nate then moved in behind her, and abruptly pulled the chemise off over her head. Holding her tightly against him, his hands covered her breasts and kneaded them roughly. Marcus pulled her forward, and after pulling her panties off, he swiped her pussy with his tongue.

She glanced over at her husband, and found him leaning forward with his elbows on his knees, watching raptly on the couch as these two men had their way with her. Nate twisted and pulled at her nipples, causing her to cry out, as Marcus used his expert tongue on her, alternating between long strokes with it, or shocking her with quick, hard flicks on her clit. He sucked her clit into his mouth, and she buckled slightly, but was easily caught by Nate, who slapped her breasts, and admonished her to be still.

She tried. She went over the most mundane things in her head to try and concentrate on anything BUT the immense pleasure these two men were giving her. Shopping lists, things at work she needed to get done, how she needed to get up in the attic and look for the serving platter her mother had asked her for. But it all came undone when Marcus worked two fingers inside of her and stroked her g-spot, while he began an unrelenting assault on her clit. She tried to shake free, but Nate threaded his arms through hers, pulling them back and holding her taut.

In no time, she came with a cry and a shudder, and slumped back against Nate in defeat. She felt him look over at her husband, and did the same, wondering at her fate.

“Seven minutes!” her husband exclaimed.

Nate laughed, and looked down at Marcus who was licking his lips clean, “Dude you owe me $20.00. She lasted two minutes longer than you said she would.”

Sandra blushed hotly while Marcus fished out his wallet, and slapped the bill into Nate’s hand with a grin, “It was worth it, she’s delicious.”

The men both turned quizzically to Ethan who motioned around to the assorted apparatus, “Use whatever you wish…she’s all yours.”

The men decided on the St. Andrew’s cross, and Nate walked her over to it, and strapped her in while Marcus shuffled through the armoire that housed all their toys. She wondered if her husband was going to participate at all, or if he was just going to observe. Marcus came back with a paddle, and Nate went over and picked up a crop.

“I did most of the work, so I get 13,” Marcus mentioned, and Nate agreed, then asked, “Do we make her count?”

“I think we should…Ethan speaks so highly of her discipline. Let’s see how well she does.”

Sandra tensed…with her husband, she knew what to expect, but with these new men she had no idea of how things would go. Still, she couldn’t help but notice how incredibly wet she was. But when Nate landed the crop on her ass with an incredibly hard *crack*, she cried out in genuine pain and shock before managing a tearful “One”.

Almost instantly her husband was there, quietly leading Nate to the side, and Marcus filled in, giving her two almost comically light swats with the paddle, which she dutifully counted. He then came up behind her, and rubbed the ugly weal to try and sooth it. He quietly asked, “Are you OK?”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“That blow was a bit too rough, but Ethan’s working it out. So, may I go a little harder?”

Sandra appreciated his concern and consideration, and nodded, “You may.”

Marcus moved his hand between her legs and gave her a few strokes that made her whimper, “Good girl,” he rumbled in her ear, causing her to shiver.

He stood back, and the next couple of blows he landed were pleasantly hard. Enough to bring her up on her toes, but wiggling her ass for more. Taking that as the encouragement it was, he finished up his 13, leaving her ass red and her slit dripping. As she’d counted along like she was supposed to, he rewarded her by kneeling between her legs, and lapping up her juices.

She sighed blissfully…the man really did love eating pussy, and as he did it expertly she wasn’t going to complain. After he’d gotten her all worked up again, he stood up and wet his index finger with her juices, and massaged around her asshole with it. In that low voice she was starting to really enjoy, he informed Sandra how anxious he was to fuck her there. With that he left her, and she let out a whimper of need which made him smile.

Marcus stepped back, and Nate took his place. She peeked, and saw that he’d swapped the crop for a flogger, and for that she was grateful. The flogger would still sting like hell, but it wasn’t nearly as concentrated as the crop was.

He didn’t waste any time, slashing the strands across her ass and she hissed, but with pleasure this time. Noting this, he struck first one cheek, than the other, and then he flicked it between her legs. The strands licked at her pussy, and she let out a moan. It was obvious Nate liked it rough, and she looked forward to that when it came to him fucking her.

Thinking of that caused her to lose count, and when Nate finished his 10 blows, her husband came up to take his place. “Five penalty swats from me, my darling,” he chuckled, “I can’t have you making me look bad in front of my friends.”

Ethan had taken over the crop from Nate, and he landed the kinds of blows on her ass that she knew to expect. When he’d finished, he dropped the crop and ran his hands soothingly down her ass and legs then released her ankles, and then ran them up her body and up her arms to release her wrists. He spun her around and captured her lips in a kiss that left her breathless.

“Your ass is so beautiful right now,” he grumbled, “red, striped, and so very hot,” He ran his hands over her cheeks and kneaded them roughly as she gasped. “But now it’s time to take care of our guests. Don’t forget to make yourself something too.”

He motioned her to the small bar, and told her what the men were drinking. She made up the drinks, and served the men, then got herself a glass of water. She was thirsty, and grateful for the break. While the men chatted and enjoyed their drinks, she knelt gingerly on the ottoman in front of them and sipped at hers.

Sandra hopped to her feet when the men finished, and collected their glasses and brought them back to the bar. When she turned, she saw her husband had put a pillow on the floor, and motioned for her to kneel on it. She did as instructed, and their guests stood. Her mouth watered at the thought of what was coming next. She loved sucking cock, and her husband had praised her technique more than once. Now she’d be able to show off to her new lovers.

Speaking of her husband, she glanced at him questioningly. He motioned her over, “Are you alright, darling?” he asked.

“Yes, I just…” she bit her lip, and hesitated.

He leaned over and tilted her head up, “Just what?”

“I thought you were going to join in.”

He kissed her gently, “I will, baby…when I feel the time is right. Now let’s not keep the gentlemen waiting any longer.”

He took her hand and led her back over to the cushion, and she knelt again dutifully. She turned to Nate first…she wanted to let him know there were no hard feelings. She undid his belt buckle, then his pants. He kicked off his shoes, and while he stepped out of his pants, he removed his shirt as well. With him naked in front of her, she looked up appreciatively. His body was finely chiseled, and he looked down at her and smiled as she ran her hands over his torso, before resting them on his hips. His cock was semi-hard, and she gauged it at just above average size, and definitely…girthy. Sandra loved feeling a softer cock get hard in her mouth, but still she hesitated. She hadn’t given another man a blow job since she and Ethan had started dating. She glanced around Nate at him, and he gave her a wink and a nod.

With his approval, she looked back up at Nate, and holding his gaze she ran her tongue up his length then slowly worked him into her mouth. As she began to suck him, he reached down and released the barrette holding her ponytail, letting her long hair fall down her back. He grabbed two handfuls of it and used it to hold her head steady. She braced her hands on his thighs, knowing from his actions that he wanted to fuck her mouth.

He plunged forward, bumping the back of her throat, and she had to pull back a bit, as tears stung her eyes. “Come on,” Nate urged, “you can do better than that, girl. Take it all down.”

After a couple of shallow thrusts, he moved forward again. Slower this time, but unrelenting. Sandra took a deep breath, and relaxed her throat as she’d trained herself to do, allowing him passage. She let out a muffled moan as his public hair tickled her nose. He held her there for a few moments, then pulled out slightly and back in again. She was ready for him, and swallowed as he moved forward so her throat massaged his cock.

He moaned, “Good girl, oh yeah…that feels amazing.”

She felt a rush of pleasure at this words, and as he thrust into her mouth a few more times, she allowed herself to wonder what the other men were doing. She didn’t have long to wait, as a few minutes later Marcus spoke up.

“Damn, man…you gonna let me have a turn at her pretty mouth, or what?”

Nate released her hair, and eased her off his cock, “Looks like it’s Marcus’ turn, little lady,” he leaned down and brushed away a stray tear, “but I’ll be back for that wet pussy of yours.” He stood and she glanced at her husband to find him adjusting his cock through his pants. She turned her head to find Marcus already undressed and sitting on the ottoman waiting.

He crooked his finger at her, “Come here, baby girl,” he crooned. Sandra smiled, and crawled over to him. “Oh yeah, just like that.”

There was nothing soft about Marcus’ cock, as it stood proudly away from his body. The ebony column was long and slim, and she licked her lips at the sight of it.  She knelt up, and wrapped her hand around it, stroking it softly. She swirled her tongue around the plush tip, then lowered her head to engulf him. The angle wasn’t ideal for deep throating him, but he didn’t seem to mind. She hollowed her cheeks as she raised up, then sank back down. He lay back, propping himself up on his elbows so he could watch.

She heard Nate ask her husband a question, but didn’t pay much mind, as she was enjoying Marcus’ cock too much. So she was surprised when she felt Nate’s hands lift up her ass, and chilly lube dribble down her crack. She gasped as his finger invaded her ass, then groaned as he started to move it slowly in and out. He added another, gently working them inside her until she relaxed. He removed his fingers, and she expected his cock next, but was surprised when one of the heftier plugs from their collection was slowly eased in instead. It was glass, and the rod had been wrapped in a spiral that always sent little shivers through her. Her husband jokingly called it the ice cream cone.

She shuddered as the ring of muscle stretched around it, then closed tight around the base. She heard the sound of a condom wrapper being ripped open, then Nate slipped it over his cock. His hands kneaded her tender ass, and she moaned. The vibrations caused Marcus to lift his hips, driving his cock into her mouth, and she moaned again.

Nate moved his hands to her hips, and gripped them tightly as he entered her pussy. She lifted her head and cried out at the feeling of having both her holes filled, then Marcus put his hand on the back of her head and urged her back down onto his length.

As Nate began to fuck her – he was rough just as she’d expected him to be – the pleasure grew inside her. He reached around her to pluck at her clit, but not enough to let her come. He then gripped the base of the plug and twisted it, causing it to ripple inside of her.

She released another muffled cry, and that drove Nate to plow into her even harder. He leaned over her, “I hope you ready,” he growled, then pulled out of her and tossed a condom to Marcus, who lifted her off of his dick. He slid his condom on, then grabbed her hair, and pulled her up on top of him. He entered her pussy in one swift motion, and began to saw inside of her. Nate lubed up his cock, then gripped the base of the plug, and slowly pulled on it until it was halfway out and held it there a long moment. She keened as it stretched her wide, then he removed it completely, and eased his cock into her ass.

Tears flowed as the two men took her. As one would enter her, the other pulled out. The sensation was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before. Marcus kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples, and Nate scratched at the stripes on her ass. She was close to the edge of release, and needed that last little nudge to push her over. Suddenly, she saw Ethan’s face in front of her.

“Come for me,” he ordered. His words flipped a switch inside her, and she came with a cry. The men inside her gasped as she gripped them both tightly, her muscles spasming around them. Then Ethan stood, and his cock was in front of her.

She opened her mouth dutifully, and he eased it in. As she sucked him, she felt herself letting go into her subspace. The place where she let herself be used without worry, without thought. Where all she felt was sheer pleasure at being fucked so thoroughly.

“Fuck!” Nate exclaimed as he pounded into her a couple more times then came with a grunt. He caught his breath, then pulled out slowly. Sandra moaned as he moved away and pulled the condom off.

“Time to switch,” Ethan said to Marcus as Nate toweled off, pulled on his pants, and sat down on the couch. Ethan rolled on a condom, then helped Sandra off of Marcus who then stood up. Ethan took his place and pulled her down on top of him, burying his cock inside her. She felt the tip of Marcus’ dick bump against her asshole, then slide inside. It was easier this time as she was already relaxed, but the feeling of complete fullness was the same.

Ethan pulled her against him, and the two men started another relentless assault of her body. At this point she was nothing more than a vessel for them to fuck, so let herself concentrate on the sensation of them moving in tandem inside her.

“Help her come,” Ethan suggested to Marcus, who reached around and found her clit. His touch sent a shock through her, and she gasped. “Stroke her roughly,” her husband added.

Marcus did just that. The pleasure he elicited bordered on pain, and the co-mingling feelings drove her to another bone-shaking climax. Ethan stilled and held her tightly as Marcus drilled into her through her contracting ring. She buried her face in her husband’s shoulder and screamed as she felt Marcus expand inside her, and he came with a groan.

When he pulled out, Sandra whimpered. Ethan lifted her head to check on her. He liked what he saw. Tears streaked her face, leaving tracks of mascara behind. Her pupils were blown, and her eyes were glassy. Her lipstick was smudged, and her mouth hung open as she breathed heavily. He moved his cock slowly, and her eyes closed and she shuddered.

“Please…” she murmured, “I want you to use me too. Fuck my ass.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

She nodded, “I want to feel you come in me.”

“Turn over,” he ordered, “lay on your back on top of me, and spread your legs.”

Sandra turned her body, braced herself up with her arms, and lifted her legs, opening herself wide. He wrapped his hands around her thighs, and slid his cock into her ass. He began to buck roughly into her, and she cried out. She looked over to see their guests watching closely, and under normal circumstances would have been appalled to be seen by others in such a position, but now it was an utter turn on.

Marcus spoke up, “May I?”

Ethan agreed, and Marcus sauntered over. He put his hands on her thighs, and Ethan moved his to her waist. The other man leaned over, and dragged his tongue along her slit. He lapped up her considerable juices, and she knew being held so tightly was the only thing keeping her from thrashing about wildly. As her husband drove his cock hard into her ass, Marcus teased her clit.

“You’re such a little tramp,” her husband growled, “look at you. Lying here with my cock up your ass, getting your pussy eaten out by another man. You’re a slut, begging to have your ass filled with my come. Look at our other guest with his cock out watching you act like a dirty whore. Nate, get over here, and let this whore suck your cock.”

Nate smirked, and stood up. She shivered…Ethan’s talk just made her even wetter, and Marcus couldn’t be happier. He sucked her labia into his mouth, and drank her juices down. Nate gripped her head, and shoved his length into her mouth, and she sucked it eagerly.

She was in a state of bliss she’d never experienced before. The pleasure she was feeling was indescribable. She felt wanton, used, abused, and if she weren’t getting so tired, she felt like she’d never want it to end.

Ethan’s fingers plucked painfully at her nipples, while Nate fucked her mouth, and Marcus worked her pussy. Nate finally groaned and pulled out of her mouth, and with a couple of quick strokes came with a splatter all over her belly. Marcus sucked her clit, flicking it with his tongue, and she came with a screech, setting off Ethan’s climax as he pumped his cum into her with a cry.

Marcus came around and once again her mouth was filled with cock. She bobbed her head frantically, wanting to get her other new lover off one more time. He grabbed her head and held it still, and worked his cock down her throat, and fucked it roughly until she struggled. He pulled out, and while she frantically caught her breath he shot his cum on her tits.

The four of them stayed where they were for a moment, then their two guests asked to clean up. Ethan pointed them to the guest bathrooms both in the basement and upstairs, and the men headed out. That left Ethan and Sandra alone.

He helped her sit up, and he sat up as well, wrapping his arms around her, cradling her back against his chest. It was messy, but he didn’t seem to mind.

“That was amazing,” he whispered, “YOU were amazing.”

Sandra didn’t say anything, but she was shaking, and he knew she was crying. She usually did after an intense session, and this had been far more intense than anything they’d done before.

“Are you OK?” he asked, concern coloring his words.

“I’m fine,” she answered, her voice shaky, “I’m just suddenly so tired.”

“Come on, let’s get you in the tub.”

He carried her upstairs to their master bath, and turned on the water getting it nice and hot. He added some Epsom salts, and helped her in. He slipped on some sweatpants and left momentarily to see Nate and Marcus out, the two men thanking him profusely for such an enjoyable evening. He got a couple of glasses of wine, and went back to the bathroom, finding Sandra sprawled bonelessly in the tub. She took the wine gratefully, and as she sipped it, Ethan hopped in the shower and cleaned himself up.

When he was dried off, he went over to the tub and soaped up a washcloth, and began to wash her body. She let him do this without protest. Frankly she was just too sore and too tired to do so. He was gentle with her, and when she was clean he helped her stand up. He wrapped a towel around her, and let the water out of the tub, then dried her off.

When she was dry he led her to bed. She was falling asleep before he could even pull up the covers over her. He slid in beside her, and drew her close. She gasped as her tender behind made contact with him, but settled once his arm went around her. Ethan knew she’d want to talk about everything, but figured that could wait until morning. He relaxed, and sleep overcame them both.

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Dinner Party - Main Course

You can find the Appetizer course here.

Sandra blinked when the sun came through the blinds, and hit her in the eyes. As she moved to get up, the slight soreness between her legs made her smile. Things had gotten pretty wild last night. She looked over at Ethan who was still sleeping soundly and stroked his face, but he didn’t respond. He was still out like a light.

She laughed softly, slid out of bed, and padded softly to their bathroom where she took a quick shower. Wrapping a soft robe around herself, she went to the kitchen and got the coffee started. As it brewed, she stared out the kitchen window deep in thought about Ethan’s proposal the night before.

Yes, she’d always fantasized about being with multiple men at once, but not necessarily in the way he’d described. And what he had in mind – while a real turn on to think about – was also a little scary. She found sessions with just her husband overwhelming at times…what would it be like serving three Masters at once?

She was so deep inside her own head that she didn’t notice her husband come up behind her, and she started when he wrapped his arms around her, and kissed the back of her neck.

“Penny for your thoughts,” he murmured into her ear.

Sandra turned to look at him, “I’ve made a decision.”


She took a deep breath and replied, “I’ll do it.”

He smiled, and kissed her forehead, “I’m so proud of you. I promise this will be a night you will never forget.”

Sandra laughed, “I won’t forget it, because I’ll be doing all the work!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that you’re generously rewarded,” he poured them both some coffee, and she quickly whipped up some scrambled eggs and toast for them.

After eating and doing the dishes, Ethan disappeared for a few minutes, and came back with a small bag. “This is for you to wear tonight.”

Sandra let out a little squeal, and reached in. The first thing she pulled out was a simple black silk chemise. She held it up, and it was so short it was barely going to cover her butt. She shot a look at Ethan, and he laughed. “There’s more in there…keep looking.”

She then pulled out a pair of panties, and was surprised to see that they were made of a stretchy black lace, with a double strand of pearls where the gusset would usually be. As she thought of what those pearls would do pressed up on either side of her clit, her cheeks turned pink.

“Do you like them?” he asked.

“They’re very pretty, but very naughty.”

“As they’re supposed to be. Wear these with your patent leather heels, and your black satin collar tonight.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I’m going to go downstairs to get the study ready for tonight, and then I’m going to head to the office for a while. After that, I’m meeting the guys for lunch, and then we’re going golfing after. We’ll shower and have drinks at the club, and we should be back here about 6:30. I expect the house to be clean, dinner to be ready, and most importantly...YOU to be ready.”

Sandra nodded, “I will be.”

“Good girl.”

She leaned over and gave him a kiss, “I’m going to get dressed, and head to the store to get what I need for dinner tonight. If I’m not back by the time you leave, have fun today.”

Sandra did her grocery shopping, then went home and got the cake ready to go into the oven. As it baked, she did what little straightening up was needed. They had a housekeeper that came in every couple of weeks, and she’d just been to the house a couple of days ago so there wasn’t much that needed doing.

When the cake was finished she set it aside to cool, and got the lasagna ready. She did it fancy, with her homemade marinara and pasta, along with fresh mozzarella and sausage from the nearby Italian deli.  It was lunchtime by the time she finished it, and put it in the fridge to set. She had a quick sandwich, then headed to the nail salon for a little pampering.

By the time she got home, there really wasn’t much left to do, so she took the opportunity to take a nice, long nap. She set the alarm to ensure she wouldn’t oversleep, but found her dreams taking a turn to what would be happening that evening, and woke up not as refreshed as she’d hoped. Instead of going back to sleep, she turned off the alarm, and dawdled around the house for an hour or so, until it was time to get the rest of the meal preparations done.

She got the bread ready to go, and the salad tossed and the dressing made to put on it just before dinner. Then she frosted the cake, set the table with their nicest linens and tableware, and looked at the clock. Still two hours before they’d be there.

Sandra was so fidgety. She found herself picking at her newly manicured nails, and forced herself to stop. She finally gave in, and had a glass of wine to try and calm her jangled nerves, then took a nice hot shower. She used her husband’s favorite scented lotion, dabbed the matching perfume on her pulse points, and dried her hair.

After flat-ironing it, she pulled it up into a loose ponytail, and putting on some shorts and a t-shirt, went into the kitchen to put the lasagna in. It would take about an hour to cook, and would need about 15 minutes to rest before serving, and she made sure to time it just right.

While it cooked, she finished getting ready. She put on her makeup, and the little chemise, then fastened the collar around her neck. She opted against wearing any other jewelry, and decided to wait on the panties and shoes until the last minute.

She had a quick bite to eat of the salad, and heated up a bowl of pasta and sauce that she’d made separately for herself to eat before the men got there. She washed it down with another glass of wine, brushed her teeth, and got the heels and panties on just as the oven signaled that the lasagna was ready to come out.

As she walked to the kitchen, she could feel those pearls start to do their work, and it notched her already nervous state to another level. Out came the lasagna, in went the garlic bread, and on went the dressing for the salad. She pulled out the bread just as she heard her husband pull up in the car at 6:30 sharp.

Sandra calmed the panic inside her, and went to the foyer. There she knelt with her head down, as Ethan turned his key in the lock and opened the door.

He seemed a bit surprised to see her there…the gesture wasn’t something he normally expected of her, but he guessed she did it as a good show to their guests, and smiled. He led the two men in and then put his finger under her chin, “My dear, you may stand.”

He helped her up and introduced her to Nate, a slim and tan man with dark blonde hair and green eyes, and Marcus, a burly man with ebony skin, dark hair and a neat beard. Both of whom looked her over with admiring eyes.

“Thank you, Sir. Dinner is ready, gentlemen…please, let me show you to your seats.”

Sandra led the men to the dining room, and Ethan landed a quick kiss on her ear, “It looks beautiful, my love, and so do you,” he surreptitiously slid a finger under the chemise, and smiled with approval at her being perfectly attired. Then with a little slap on her ass, he sent her to the kitchen to get dinner served.

As the men sat down, she came out with a pitcher of water, and a bottle of red wine. She silently poured everyone water, then opened the wine, and poured just a bit into the glass, and served her husband. He gave it a sniff and a taste, and nodded his approval. She poured glasses for their guests, and then finished filling her husband’s.

Once they had their drinks, Sandra retreated to the kitchen to get their meals ready. Every trip to the kitchen and back teased her further, and she found her pussy getting slick, which just heightened the sensation of the pearls against her sex.

She put a healthy portion of the pasta on a large plate with a warm hunk of bread, and put the salads on a smaller plate. She didn’t have a serving tray large enough for all of it, so she brought the salads out first, serving their two guests and then her husband. She then retreated, and brought out the dinner plates, following the same serving guidelines.

She looked to her husband for approval, and Ethan smiled, “It looks and smells wonderful, my pet. Please bring one of the stools out from the kitchen to sit on as we dine. That way if we need you for anything, you’ll be right here to provide it.”

He was pleased to see her turn bright pink, but she did as he instructed, retrieved the stool and put it in the corner, and perched herself on it with her knees primly together, and her heels hooked over the bottom rail of the stool.

Nate looked over at her, “Open your legs, girl. I want to see more of you.”

Sandra blushed even deeper. “As you wish,” she replied, and did as she was told.

His gaze worked up her legs and took in her puffy lips and wet slit surrounded by the white pearls and smiled. Turning to Ethan he commented, “You’ll need to tell me where you got those panties. They seem to have a very positive effect.”

Ethan grinned, “She’s always had a ‘thing’ for pearls, and I’m happy to indulge it.”

The men ate their dinner and chatted, and kindly complimented her on her cooking. Sandra in turn made sure their wine glasses stayed full, and cleared their dishes when they finished their dinner. She put on a pot of coffee for dessert, and hastily put away the food and rinsed the dishes while it brewed.

When it was finished she brought out cups, cream, and sugar, and poured them each a cup. It was then that Marcus made his first demand, and ordered her to stand next to him, and bend over the table.

With a hitch in her throat, she did as he said. He ran his hand up her thigh, over her ass, and back down again. His gentle caress raised goose bumps on her skin, and she let out the faintest whimper. He slid his finger up along her pussy lips, and pressed the tip against her clit teasingly. He circled it twice and withdrew, putting it in his mouth.

“Sweeter than any dessert,” he murmured, “I’m going to enjoy tasting that pussy later. Now stand up, and resume your duties.”

“Thank you,” Sandra whispered, and stood. She let out her breath shakily, and went back to the kitchen to get the men their cake. Once they were served, she perched back up on her stool until they were finished, and then cleared the table once more.

She heard Ethan direct their two guests downstairs, then he joined her in the kitchen. She was rinsing dishes when he came up behind her, kicked her legs apart, and roughly thrust two fingers inside her.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he growled, “I can’t wait to see those men down there get their hands on you,” he brought her to the brink of orgasm, then left her gasping as he removed his fingers and washed his hands in the sink.

“Join us as soon as you’re finished here, and don’t dawdle.”

She gathered her senses enough to reply with a weak, “Yes, Sir,” and she heard him move to the stairs. She let out a combination of a sob and a laugh, and wondered what the hell she’d gotten herself into…and in a few minutes she was about to find out just how far she could go.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The Dinner Party - Appetizer

Sandra walked in the door, put her stuff down, and slumped in the chair. She’d had a horrible week, and all she wanted to do was sit. But her husband Ethan had a different idea. He walked up behind her chair and planted a kiss on top of her head, stating, “Get freshened up, darling. I’ve put something pretty for you to wear on the bed, and I’m taking you out to dinner tonight.”

She let out a sigh and a grumble, and headed to the bedroom. On the bed was a new dress, still in the dry cleaner’s bag. She hung it on her closet door, lifted the plastic, and let out a little squeal. It was a pretty cocktail frock, with a silk bodice and a flowy, multi-layered chiffon skirt. It was a purple so dark it was almost black, and the skirt was dotted with tiny rhinestones that sparkled in the light. She turned it around, and saw the back dipped down to a ‘V’ from the bateau neckline.

“Do you like it?” he asked from behind her.

She turned, and the smile on her face gave him his answer, “It’s beautiful! But what’s the occasion?”

“I know you’ve had a shitty week, so I thought a date night was in order,” he walked over to her and gave her a lingering kiss that left her breathless, “now get that cute ass of yours in the shower.”

She scurried into the bathroom and headed into the shower. As the hot water cascaded over her, she felt the stress from the week melt away. She took her time, making sure to shave carefully as date nights usually ended up with some steamy bedroom antics.

After about an hour, she was ready to go…perfumed, makeup perfect, hair in curls down her back, and with her new dress on. She added some crystal earrings to her outfit, put on her antique diamond watch, and slipped into some simple black pumps.  She grabbed her evening bag, and as she strode into the living room, Ethan gave a nod of approval.

“You look gorgeous, babe.”

Sandra gave him a kiss, “Thank you!”

“All ready?”

“Ready when you are.”

During the drive to the restaurant they chatted about all the little things that couples together for 12 years talk about. As they drove up to the fancy restaurant he’d decided on, she shot him a little look and smiled. He handed the car over to the valet, and led her inside. They were seated in their favorite booth, and the waiter greeted them and took their drink order. As she perused the menu, Sandra peeped over the top of it at him.

“You’re up to something, aren’t you?”

Ethan peered over his menu, and the crinkles in the corners or his eyes told her he was smiling, “Whatever do you mean?”

She laughed, “Because you only bring me here when you want a favor, or want to buy something expensive.”

Their conversation was interrupted by the waiter, who came to take their order. After he left, Ethan leaned in and ran his finger along Sandra’s arm.

“I actually do have something I want to talk to you about. I’d like to have some friends over for dinner tomorrow night.”

“I knew it! And you probably want me to do all the cooking, right?”

“Well, you are the better cook.”

She smiled and shook her head, “Fine…who’s coming over?”

“Nate and Marcus.”

Sandra grew quiet then and ducked her head, “From…from the club?”

He put a finger under her chin and lifted her head, noticing that her breathing had become a little erratic, “Yes, from the club. Is that alright?”

She let out a shaky breath, “I know we’ve talked about this before, but I never thought you’d actually want to make it reality.”

Ethan smiled, “I saw how you reacted during the demonstration we did, and how much you enjoyed all those hands on you, and I have to admit it was pretty hot. To have you service all three of us at once, well, what could be better than that?”

“But I thought you didn’t like to share your toys,” she reminded him.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

Sandra let out a little “Oh,” then they halted the conversation as their salads were put in front of them. They ate in silence, Ethan giving her some time to think about what he was proposing. After the waiter took their plates away, he stealthily ran his hand under her skirt, and after tugging at her thigh to give him access, he ran a finger across the crotch of her panties. Just as he thought, she was wet.

He leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Are you ready to make your fantasy come true?”

She gasped and replied, “I’m a little scared, actually.”

Ethan leaned back, “You know I love you with all my heart, right?”

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered.

“You know that I’d NEVER let anything bad happen to you, or push you into doing something you weren’t ready for…correct?”

She nodded.

He kissed her ear, “Think about it tonight, and let me know in the morning. If you say no, it will just be dinner, and that’s it. OK?”

A look of relief washed over her face, “OK, I will. What would you like me to make for dinner?”

“They’re not picky…I’m sure anything you want to make would be fine.”

Sandra thought for a few moments, “I think maybe my homemade lasagna with a salad and garlic bread? It's easy to coordinate and serve.”

“Ah, my favorite. What about dessert?”

“Lemon cake, I think. I don't want anything too sweet.”


Their food arrived, and the subject was dropped as they enjoyed their meal. Their dinner was delicious, and after they left the restaurant Ethan drove them to a little jazz club to enjoy some live music. He led her out on the dance floor and held her close, and the two them swayed together to the music.

Eventually, curiosity got the best of Sandra and she turned her face up to look her husband in the eye, “If I agree to tomorrow night, what would be expected of me?”

Ethan smiled down at her, “I expect you to serve us, so you’ll need to eat beforehand. You will wait on us hand and foot, making sure food and drinks are always replenished. You will do whatever we ask. If one of the men decides he wants you to suck his cock while he eats, you’ll do it. If the other bends you over the table and fucks you during the meal, you’ll acquiesce without question.

“After dinner we’ll retire to the basement, and you will be our plaything for the rest of the evening. We will fuck you any way that we wish, punish you any way that we see fit, and you will take all of it like the good girl I know you are. Any questions?”

Sandra stammered, “I don’t know, it’s just so…”

“These men are experienced Doms, they just happen to be in between partners at the moment. They know your safe word, they know your hard limits, and they will respect me by not doing anything to you that I disapprove of, and I will be there the whole time.”

He leaned down and kissed her ear, “I want to see you with all three of your holes filled…one cock in your ass, one in your cunt, and another in your mouth,” he whispered.

Sandra gasped at the thought, and felt a rush of wetness between her legs, “Oh God, Ethan, take me home. I need you fuck me.”

“That’s good, because that’s just what I plan to do,” he growled. They left the club, and as they got in the car, he undid his pants and took out his cock before sliding into the driver’s seat, “You know that to do.”

She did, and leaned over to engulf his cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked his cock during the short ride home, and when the garage door closed behind them he reluctantly pushed her head up. He got out of the car, and came around to the passenger side, opened the door and hauled her out into the garage.

Without a word, Ethan bent her over the hood, lifted up the skirt of her dress, and ripped her flimsy panties right off. As she squirmed underneath him, he landed five quick blows to her pale ass turning it a bright pink, and then with one quick thrust buried his entire length inside her copious wetness.

Sandra cried out at the sudden assault, but soon was bucking back against him, moaning as his cock pummeled her. He reached around to pluck at her clit, and told her to come for him. She let go with a wail, and shudders wracked her body as she came in waves around his cock, driving him to his own climax. He groaned as his cum shot inside her, and he grabbed her hair and wrapped it around his hand and pulled her head up as he kept pumping inside her until she came a second time.

He pulled out, and she immediately turned and started to get to her knees, but he laughed and grabbed her elbow, “We’ll finish this inside, pet.”

He smacked her bum as they hurried inside.  He hardly had locked the door before he felt her mouth on his cock again. He smiled…as turned on as Sandra was just talking about what might happen, he had a feeling the next night was going to be quite the adventure.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Attic - Part V

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Sophie and Alma came back to their room Saturday afternoon to freshen up before lunch, to find an envelope addressed to them slipped under their door. Alma opened it, and handed one of the copies inside to Sophie, who scanned it. 

The girls looked at each other with a grin. “Tomorrow?” Sophie asked.

Alma nodded in reply, “I think we’ve strung him along long enough.”

Sophie went over to their little desk and wrote a hasty note on some pretty stationery, put it in an envelope and put Stephen’s name on it. Alma went down to the kitchen to start fixing their lunch, while Sophie went off to deliver the note.

She came back and sat down as Alma put a tasty sandwich in front of her, then sat down with her own. The girls made small talk as they ate, not wanting to discuss the next day in case someone came in. When they were finished they washed up their dishes, and headed back to their room. They lay in their beds, and giggled and talked for a bit, then Alma got up to go to the library to get a book to read as Sophie drifted off to take a nap.

Alma was perusing a book when Stephen walked in. Alma started, and Stephen seemed equally surprised, and they exchanged shyly awkward glances.

“What are you reading?” Stephen asked quietly.

Alma held up a well-worn copy of ‘Jane Eyre’, “I’ve always wanted to read this, I love the old movie with Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine, so I thought I’d give the source material a shot.”

Stephen smiled, “Ah, that’s never been my kind of book.”

“What do you like to read?”

“Science Fiction and Adventurous stuff mostly. But I think I’d read about anything at the moment, just to NOT have to read anymore law books.”

“Oh, that’s right…I heard you were studying for the Bar exam. You have my sympathies.”

Stephen laughed, “Thanks. Well, I better get the book I need and get back to the grind,” he searched around for a few minutes and found what he was looking for, “See you tomorrow.”

Alma started and looked back at him. He gave her a wink and she blushed. She opted to stay in the library to read, and got lost in the book until there was a knock on the door, and Sophie walked in. 

“Hey babe, are you going to help me with dinner?”

Alma was startled, “Oh no! I didn’t realize it was so late. Sure, let’s go.”

As the girls worked on cooking dinner for the folks in the house, Alma told Sophie about her run-in with Stephen, “So, it looks like it’s a go tomorrow.”

Sophie nodded, “I figured that would be one invitation he couldn’t refuse.”

“It will probably be a nice break for him too. He’s always holed up in his room studying.”

“So see? We’re providing him a valuable service!” Miss Betty walked in as the girls were giggling.

“I swear, you two are always laughing about something lately,” she remarked. She gave each of them a quick hug, “But you’ve been doing such good work, and it’s nice to have some levity in the house. Now, what are we making for dinner tonight?”

“We’re doing roasted chickens with corn bread stuffing, grilled asparagus, salad, rolls, and apple pie pockets for dessert,” Alma answered.

Miss Betty put on her apron, “Sounds delicious! What do you need me to do?”

With the head housekeeper’s assistance, the three women soon had the kitchen full of wonderful smells. Sophie made them all some tea, and the three of them sat around the table and chatted until it was time to start setting the table, and putting the finishing touches on the food. 

Everyone trooped in at the dinner hour, and the mood was festive thanks to the good and hearty meal, and the bottles of wine that Stephen contributed to the meal from the family’s wine cellar. After dessert, they all sat back in their chairs.

“Sophie and I cooked, someone else gets to do dishes,” Alma stated. Her comment was met with groans, but eventually the Allenton’s volunteered, and suggested that maybe the younger staff could head into town. They hadn’t been out as group for a while, and decided to hit the local bar for some drinks. They invited Stephen to go with, but he begged off saying he had work to do.

After some good natured ribbing about how all work and no play makes Stephen a dull boy, he finally conceded that he could probably do with a night out, and the group of them piled into the estate truck for the short but cold ride into town. 

Stephen was huddled in the bed of the truck with four others, and thought to himself how appalled his mother would be if she knew he was hanging out with the staff and grinned. Good thing his mother wasn’t around.

Once they got to the bar, everyone grabbed some beers, and the three guys in the group went off to get a couple of buckets of beer, while the girls went over to the jukebox to put in some music, and the seven of them soon had the quiet bar hopping. The women were out on the small dance floor, putting on quite a show. Along with Alma and Sophie were Laura and Eve. Laura was married to Donald who had gone over to play the golf game, and Eve had hooked up over the winter with Tim, who was leaning against the bar with Stephen and Mark, the last member of their party.

As Alma and Sophie began to dance together a bit more suggestively, Mark leaned over to Stephen, “It’s such a shame,” he remarked.

“What’s that?” Stephen inquired.

“That you and I will never get any of that ass,” Mark answered wistfully.

Stephen took a swig of his beer to hide his little smile, “Oh, so they’re together?” he asked innocently.

“Yeah, ever since Alma came to work at the house. She and Sophie hit it off right away. Man, I’d give just about anything to be the meat in that sandwich.”

Stephen managed to keep a straight face as he nodded, “Yup, that would be nice, wouldn’t it?”

Mark sighed, “Hey man, want to play some pool?”

Stephen grinned and held up $20.00, “You feelin’ lucky?”

Mark laughed ruefully, “Maybe I’ll be luckier at pool than I am with the ladies.”

About midnight, Donald – the group’s designated driver – rounded up the crew and they paid their tabs and headed back to the house. They were fairly raucous, laughing and singing in the back of the truck, but they quieted down as they approached the house, so as not to disturb the Allentons. Once inside, everyone headed their separate ways and went off to bed. 

The next morning, Sophie and Alma woke up about 9:00. They headed to the kitchen and found it empty. It looked as though maybe the alcohol had hit the others a little harder, so they opted to just make breakfast for themselves. Working together, they soon had a nice brunch of scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, and cereal.

“We’ll need a lot of energy for later,” Sophie joked.

After breakfast they went back to their room, and took turns in the shower, making sure to shave themselves nice and smooth. Both girls slathered on scented lotion, leaving their skin soft and shimmery.

Sophie worked some light coconut oil into Alma’s curls, separating them and twisting them around her finger to give them definition. Alma then returned the favor, wrapping Sophie’s hair around a thick barreled curling iron until her red hair fell down her back in a riot of bouncy ringlets. 

Each girl then took some time to do their makeup, putting it on with a light hand, but making sure to enhance their eyes, blush their cheeks, and lightly gloss their lips. Next, they picked out some pretty lingerie that they’d bought on their trip to the city. White lace for Alma, and navy blue with tiny white polka dots for Sophie. They slipped on some casual clothes, then checked the clock. It was time to head upstairs. 

They switched on the lights in the attic, and got a surprise. Their corner of the attic was brimming with two large bouquets of flowers, and on the bed were little gift bags for each of them, in which they found perfumes specially picked for both of them, pretty necklaces that they recognized as the work of a local artist, and boxes of chocolates.

They heard a noise behind them, and turned to find Stephen there, “I hope you don’t mind, I just wanted you both to know…”

Before he could finish, the girls had trooped over to him, and he got a kiss on each cheek, and the girls gathered him up in a big hug. Sophie turned his face towards her, and kissed his mouth, teasing his lips with her tongue, while Alma stood on tip toes, and nibbled on his earlobe. 

He was pleased that his gifts had been the ice breaker he’d hoped they’d be, and returned Sophie’s kiss enthusiastically. Not to be denied, Alma then tilted his head her direction, and he lost himself in a kiss with her, while Sophie stripped down to her underthings. 

Alma slipped her hands under Stephen’s shirt, and broke their kiss in order to ease it off of him. Then Sophie worked on undoing the button fly of his jeans, while Alma took off her clothes. Alma heard Stephen groan, and turned to see Sophie’s hand moving inside Stephen’s boxer briefs as she engaged him in yet another kiss. Alma lent a hand by pulling both his jeans and his underwear down, and he stepped out of them, and kicked them aside.

She knelt in front of him, and Sophie held his cock out for her. She licked up its length and swirled her tongue around the bulbous crown before sliding it into her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times to get it nice and slick with her saliva, then began to work it down her throat. She stilled as he bucked against her, then she felt his hand on the side of her head as he began to guide her gently. 

Stephen took his other hand, and slid it inside Sophie’s panties, stroking her clit, and exploring her sex with his fingers. She ground against his hand as they continued to kiss, getting wetter by the second.

Alma then turned her attention to Sophie, pulling down her panties while Stephen removed her bra. As she started working on her slit, she saw Stephen’s head dip down to take one of her pert tits in his mouth, and Sophie’s hand wrapped around his thick cock. She rubbed Sophie’s clit with her thumb, as she dipped her tongue into her pussy.

“Suck me, sweets…” Sophie gasped, and Alma surrounded her hard clit with her lips, and sucked hard on it as the flicked her tongue back and forth. As she came, Stephen muffled her cries with a deep kiss.

Sophie nudged Alma with her foot, and Alma went over to the bed, putting the gifts aside, and lay down on her back, letting her head hang over the edge. Sophie then straddled her, and Stephen was presented with Alma’s willing mouth, and Sophie’s eager pussy. 

He walked over, and first slid his cock between Alma’s lips, once again enjoying the wet warmth of her throat, as he kneaded Sophie’s ass. He drove his fingers into her pussy and plundered it, as he took Alma’s throat. After a few minutes, he switched, and Alma took a short breather as he buried his cock in Sophie’s cunt. He knew from what he’d observed in the past that she wasn’t shy about liking it rough, and he gathered her bright hair in his hand and gave it a sharp tug as fucked her. When he felt Alma’s tongue laving his balls as he drove his cock into her lover, it pulled a groan from his throat. 

Alma alternated between licking his balls and sucking on Sophie’s clit. Sophie returned the favor by sucking and nibbling on her slit. When Stephen slid his fingers under Sophie and began to stroke her, Alma went back to sucking and licking his sac.

“Oh yes, Stephen! Just like that…fuck me hard!”

He replied by digging his fingers into her ass, and pulling her cheeks apart so that he could thrust in even deeper. 

Sophie came first with her signature scream, which she muffled between Alma’s thighs. After a few more thrusts, Stephen pulled out and Alma eagerly took him back in her mouth, sucking Sophie’s juices off his thick pole. Sophie renewed her efforts on her girl’s pussy, and began to suck on Alma’s pearl with purpose, causing her to moan around his cock. 

Alma released his cock long enough to whisper, “God, Stephen you taste so good…come in my mouth, baby…shoot your load down my throat.”

Stephen was more than happy to comply, and as she opened wide, he slid back down her throat. She relaxed her jaw, and let him fuck her face until he came with a groan. Alma swallowed his cum down, and then Sophie took her past the point of no return by driving three slick digits into her cunt, and she came with a shudder, raking her nails down Stephen’s ass and thighs. 

Stephen pulled reluctantly out of her mouth, and she gasped for air and rode out her orgasm as Sophie continued to suck on her sensitive clit. He backed up, and collapsed in the chair by the bed as Sophie rolled off of Alma, and they lay on their backs side by side, breathing heavily. 

Sophie turned around, scooted over, and beckoned Stephen over, “Come join us, lover.”

Stephen crawled into the bed between them, and Sophie flipped the duvet over them to ward off the chill. She reached into her gift bag, and popped open the box of chocolates inside, and they all helped themselves to a couple.

“That was amazing,” Stephen murmured.

“That was just round one,” Sophie replied.

The girls snuggled up against him, and he put his muscular arms around their shoulders, “So what do you two temptresses have planned for round two?”

Alma laughed, “All I’m up for right now is a little nap. How about you, Sophie?” She peeked over Stephen when she didn’t get an answer, and found that Sophie had already drifted off, “Nap it is then.”

As the girls caught a few winks, Stephen watched them, wanting to memorize this moment. When he came back early from the winter holiday, he never thought that this was how things would end up, but he was hardly disappointed. Eventually, he too drifted off to sleep. 

After about half an hour he awoke to soft hands stroking his torso, exploring his chest, running lightly over his solid abdomen, and eventually moving down between his legs. He kept his eyes closed, relishing the feeling. His cock eventually betrayed him, growing hard as a result of their ministrations, and he felt Sophie duck under the covers and take his cock in her mouth, as Alma nibbled on his earlobe, and rolled his nipples between her fingers. 

He groaned, and Alma covered his mouth with hers, and he gathered her up into a lusty kiss. He cupped his hands around her luscious ass and urged her up so that he could toy with her breasts. He pressed them together, sucking and licking her nipples until she shuddered. 

“I need to taste you,” he murmured as he urged her up even further. She straddled his face, as Sophie did this amazing thing with her tongue causing him to buck. He grabbed Alma’s ass and pulled her down and started to devour her pussy. 

She leaned back and rested her hands on his thighs, letting out a little squeal as Stephen explored her folds, drawing patterns with his tongue, then roughly flicking it across her clit. Sophie knelt up and put her arms around Alma, cupping her breasts, kneading and pinching them until her nipples were painfully stiff. Sophie lowered herself onto Stephen’s cock and rode him slowly until he brought Alma to a crashing orgasm, sucking down every drop of her tangy juices.

“Now you fuck his cock, baby,” Sophie whispered as she stood, and Alma moved her body down until she was straddling Stephen’s hips. After running her pussy along his length a few times, she slowly eased his thick pole inside of her. Stephen groaned as he bumped her cervix, and he pulled her down on top of him, holding her still as he pumped his cock vigorously into her. 

Sophie got up and came around the bed, “That’s perfect, Stephen, hold her just like that. Get her all nice, juicy, and ready for my cock.”

A look of surprise crossed Stephen’s face and Sophie laughed as she took the harness and dildo out of the nightstand drawer, “This cock that is. This isn’t going to be a problem, is it?”

Alma gasped as Stephen seemed to get even harder, “No Ma’am, not a problem at all,” he replied with a grin. He watched in fascination as she put it on, sheathed it with a condom, and slicked it up with lube. He continued to watch as she got back on the bed, and knelt behind Alma.

“I promised Alma that I’d fuck her ass while you fucked her pussy, and she seemed to like the idea a lot at the time,” Sophie stroked a couple of fingers into Alma’s asshole, and Stephen felt the light friction they caused. She continued, “Do you still want that, my little slut? Do you want me in your ass?”

Alma let out a strangled, “Oh, yes please!”

“Hold still a minute, Stephen…let me get this going back here.”

Stephen did as requested, and Sophie maneuvered into position behind Alma, and slowly eased the head of the dildo into Alma’s tight rosebud. All three of them groaned as she slid in deeper…this dildo was a little smaller than the one she’d used before, but Alma was still stretched wide by the two of them, overwhelmed by the feeling of them both inside her.

She was trembling, and Stephen held her tight and made shushing sounds into her ear. Sophie moved back and forth gently a few times, and Stephen did the same, and soon they had slow and steady rhythm going. Alma relaxed, and Stephen let her go, and she worked her way up onto her hands. 

Sophie wrapped her arms around Alma’s waist and leaned in to ask, “How do you feel, love?”

Alma whispered back, “Oh Baby…this feels incredible!”

Stephen palmed Alma’s breasts as Sophie reached down and slowly stroked her clit. Their lover let out a sob, “Oh please, both of you, please…fuck me harder.”

They looked around her at each other and nodded. Stephen jacked his hips more forcefully, and Sophie landed a couple of good smacks on Alma’s ass as she thrust against her. 

“Yes!” Alma cried, “Oh God, yes!” She clenched tightly around Stephen’s cock, and he let out a moan.

After a few more minutes of this exquisite torture he panted, “Girls, I can’t…it’s too much.”

But he needn’t have worried, as Alma collapsed on top of him with a scream, and Sophie followed seconds later. He let out groan as Alma’s pussy milked his cock, and unleashed a volley of cum into its clutches. 

Sophie gently pulled out and knelt back, while Stephen held onto the still shaking Alma. She removed the harness and set it aside, and lay down. He eased Alma between them, and they held her close until she lulled into a doze. 

Sophie kissed her forehead, and Stephen buried his face into her fragrant hair. Sophie reached out her hand and took his, and they looked at each other over her sleeping form.

Sophie grinned, “So Stephen, did you have a good time?” 

“That was…incredible. Thank you both so much.”

“Ready for round three?”

He laughed, “Oh hell no, babe…not today. I’m wiped out.”

“Oh thank God!” she exclaimed with a giggle, “Not to mention I think baby girl here is down for the count.”

“We put her through quite a workout today.”

They paused and regarded each other for a moment, and then Sophie asked, “Would you like to do this again sometime?”

“If you’ll have me.”

She grinned at him wickedly, “Oh, we’ll have you all right. In a whole lot of different ways.”

And they did…but that’s another story for another time.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Attic - Part IV

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On the way home, Sophie and Alma came up with a couple more ideas, and made some extra stops in town before calling Mr. Allenton to pick them up. When they got back it was around lunchtime, so they grabbed a quick bite to eat, and then trooped upstairs to the attic to put everything together.

Stephen had missed seeing the girls around, so when he heard moving around upstairs, he went to the library to see if he could peek in. He was surprised to see a light on at the top of the stairs, along with a sign he couldn’t quite read. He wandered up, and found that the light was one of those battery operated ones that you could stick up anywhere, and the little sign that hung next to it said “Privacy Please”.

He grinned…so they were on to him!  He noticed two signs hanging behind the other, and gave them a quick glance. One said “Look, but don’t touch”, and the third said “Three’s not a crowd”.  Stephen let out a quiet “Yesss!” and snuck back downstairs to his study. But all attempts at hitting the books were constantly interrupted by the mental images of being able to watch those two lovely ladies go at it together, or even better, imagining them both on him.

Meanwhile, the girls were setting up their space to make it inviting for him to join them. They dragged a cozy wing chair and little side table close to the bed, and tied back the gauzy curtains on the one side. They tucked their new playthings into an old nightstand they found and put next to the bed, and put a few items on the side table that he might need, like a bottle of lube, and a box of tissues.  They got the sheets washed, and the bed made, and were finally satisfied that it was all ready to go.

It was business as usual until Tuesday morning when they got a call. After lunch they borrowed the truck and drove to town, picked up some paperwork, then stopped at the library to use the computer and printer there, and make a few copies.  With all of that in hand, they went giggling back to the room they shared in the servant’s wing, and put the finishing touches together, and brought it all up to the attic.

Wednesday morning at breakfast, the girls were all abuzz. Stephen could see it in their bright eyes and somewhat nervous glances in his direction. They did the best they could to stifle their giggles, but when someone told a funny story they let it all out in an uncontrollable spate of laughing. Miss Betty chided them for acting so silly, and they settled down a bit. Still, as they did their morning chores, if one let out a little snort of laughter, the other would soon join in.

After lunch, Sophie looked over at Alma, “Ready?”

Alma bit her lip and smiled, “Let’s do this.”

On their way up to the attic, they passed by Stephen’s suite, rapped quickly on the door, and scurried down the hall. He peeked out, only to see the door at the end of the hall closing. He waited a few minutes until he heard them overhead, and then went to the library and the hidden passage.

The light at the top of the stairs was on, and the sign labeled “Look, but don’t touch” was hanging next to it. He opened the door, and found the girls kneeling on the bed in their bras and panties.

“Come on in, and have a seat,” Sophie invited.

He sat down, and noticed a file folder next to her on the bed.

“Welcome to our little bower. But before we get started, there’s a little business to attend to,” she handed him the folder, “just some ground rules that we’d like you to read and sign, and copies of blood tests that we both took, you know, just to make sure everything was on the up and up.”

Stephen read through the short list of items mainly asking for his discretion, ensuring theirs, stating the limits of what they would and wouldn’t do, and asking he take a blood test as well, “These all sound very fair.”

“Great! If you could sign all three copies, and give two of them back to us, and you can keep the rest.”

The soon to be lawyer in him admired their thoroughness, and did as they asked. Alma got up and tucked the two papers over with their clothes, then crawled back up on the bed with Sophie and snuggled against her. Sophie put her arm around Alma, and rubbed her arm gently.

“So, as the sign said, today you only get to watch. Once you get your blood test results back, then we’ll see about inviting you to join us,” with that Sophie turned to Alma, and gave her a tender kiss. The girls knelt up and faced each other and Stephen watched them, totally enraptured.

They started out slowly, stroking each other as they began to kiss, but soon their kisses became more passionate, and their touches became more demanding. Sophie put her hand down Alma’s panties, and Alma groaned as slender fingers stroked her clit. She reached up, and undid the front clasp of Sophie’s bra, and dipping her head took one of her lover’s rosy-tipped nipples into her mouth while she pinched the other.

Soon, what little clothing they had on was discarded, and Sophie pushed Alma back onto the bed. Stephen watched as she secured Alma’s wrists using the restraints they had bought, and the bound girl lifted her hips to let Sophie slip a pillow beneath them, before binding her ankles.

Alma lay spread-eagled on the bed, completely at Sophie’s mercy while Sophie put a blindfold on her. Then Sophie began to tease her mercilessly. She kissed Alma, then worked her mouth down, nibbling on an ear, then nipping at the girl’s neck.

She took first one, and then the other, of Alma’s large brown nipples into her mouth, sucking them roughly until Alma cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain, and writhed against her restraints. As Sophie sucked her nipples, she ran her hand down Alma’s torso, and Stephen could see the little flutter of muscles under Alma’s dark skin at her lover’s touch.

Sophie inserted two fingers into Alma’s dripping pussy, all the while continuing to suck on her nipples. He could see the slick juices on Sophie’s fingers, and subconsciously licked his lips. His cock was straining against his jeans, and he finally stood and undid them, and pulled down his boxer briefs before sitting back down.

Sophie lifted her head, and unabashedly looked him over, “Oh…you are so yummy,” she crooned, “I can’t wait to feel that big cock of yours inside me. I’ve wanted it for a long time now,” she pulled her fingers out of Alma’s pussy, and held them out to Stephen, “She’s so delicious…would you like a taste?”

Stephen leaned over, and took Sophie’s slick fingers in his mouth, and groaned as he sucked on them. Alma’s juices were indeed very delicious, and his mouth watered at the thought of burying his head between her thighs for more.

Instead, it was Sophie that licked her way down Alma’s body. He leaned over for a better view, and saw Sophie’s tongue running up and down Alma’s dripping slit, sucking on the labia, lapping up her wetness, and circling her clit with her tongue.

Alma could do nothing more than vainly try to urge Sophie to go harder, to take her clit and suck on it, and let him come. “Please, Sophie,” she begged, “please…”

“Please what, Sweets?”

“Oh, please suck my clit, Baby…I need you to so bad.”

“I will, but first you need to do something for me,” Sophie maneuvered her body so that she was kneeling over Alma’s mouth. Alma immediately began flicking her tongue against Sophie’s clit, and Sophie rode the girl’s face while she caressed and pinched her own nipples, and sometimes reached down to do the same to Alma’s, or go even further to stroke the captive girl’s puffy nether lips.

After a few minutes of Alma’s expert tonguing, Sophie came with a cry, and crawled down until her head was between Alma’s thighs, and she began working on the girl’s clit in earnest. Seeing them in this 69 position reminded Stephen of a yin and yang, light and dark, dominant and submissive, and finally gave into temptation and grabbed the bottle of lube from the table beside him.

He poured a little into his palm, and began to stroke his cock. He heard Alma let out a muffled scream, and then watched her body shudder with her orgasm. Sophie came up for air licking Alma’s juices off her lips, looked over at Stephen and smiled, “That’s it, Stephen…stroke that cock for me…”

She got up, and walked over to the nightstand. She opened the drawer and took out a blue double headed dildo, and got back on the bed. She rubbed it up and down Alma’s pussy lips to get it nice and slippery, then slowly began to insert half of it into the girl’s clutching hole. She removed her girl’s blind fold so they could watch their watcher as they fucked each other, then positioned herself so their legs were scissored together.

Sophie grabbed the dildo, and worked it in and out of Alma’s pussy a few times before lining it up with her own. Both girls groaned as she slid it inside herself.  When both ends were fully seated, Sophie ground against Alma, who let out a contented sigh.

She continued to move her mound against her lover’s, and would pause on occasion to work the dildo in and out of her pussy.  All the while, the two girls watched Stephen as he worked his cock with his hand.

“Isn’t he beautiful, Alma?”

“Yes, he is…”

“And in a couple of days, we’ll get to play with him. Do you want to suck his cock?”

Alma smiled, “Oh…so very much.”

Sophie reached down, and slapped Alma’s clit, “I knew you would. You know how I knew? Because you’re my horny little slut, aren’t you?”

Alma strained against her bindings, “Yes, Ma’am, I am.”

Sophie began to grind harder against Alma, causing both women to gasp. She reached down to stroke Alma’s clit, and then her own, as she worked the dildo between them.

“Do you want to watch him come, Sweetheart?”

“I do!”

“So do I, I want to see that fat cock spurt all over his chest,” she looked at Stephen as she worked herself and her lover to climax, “Come with us, Stephen…come on, Baby.”

Stephen worked his fist faster and harder along his cock, his other hand busy caressing his balls. He let out a strangled, “Oh God…”, and then was shooting his load as the two women both came with a shriek.

When the three of them had caught their breath, Sophie looked over at Stephen, “Time for you to go, Babe. This is one on one time for us, OK?” He nodded silently, and after using some of the tissues to clean up, and pulled up his pants and made his way to the passage.

After he left, Sophie quickly released Alma from her bonds and took her into her arms, “Are you OK, love? Did you enjoy yourself?”

Alma snuggled against her and laughed, “I’m just fine, and oh my god, are you kidding? That was so hot!”

Sophie kissed her, “I think that dildo was definitely one of our better purchases. I’d like to give it another go, but I think it’s time for a nap first.”

Alma pulled the comforter up over the two of them, “Agreed. So…you think Stephen’s off to see his doctor about that test?”

As if in reply, they heard his car take off down the drive, and after a fit of giggles, they fell off to sleep.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Attic - Part III

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Part 1 is here.
And Part 2 is here.

Stephen had indeed been found out. Sophie had caught a glimpse of him as he’d come through the hidden door. When she told Alma after he’d left, the other girl was horrified at first but the more the girls talked about it – and the possibilities that came with it - they couldn’t stop giggling.

“Let’s go see where he came from,” Sophie whispered. The girls got dressed, and they made their way over to the opposite side of the attic. 

“Damn, it sure is dark over here,” Sophie muttered, “but you can see where the dust has been disturbed.”

Alma ran her fingers over the wall, “Oh wow…check this out, Sophie. I can make out the outline of the door, but just barely. I wonder if there’s any way to open it from this side.”

The girls felt around for a bit, then gave up and went down to the kitchen for a big flashlight. They trooped back upstairs and got a closer look, but couldn’t find any way to open the camouflaged door. Finally Alma just pushed on it, and it popped out slightly.

“Oh there we go…the latch is spring loaded!” she grasped the small edge with her fingers and managed to pull the door open. She shone the flashlight into the darkness and let out a gasp. Sophie peered over her shoulder, and did the same. Ahead of them was a corridor, and to their right was the staircase leading down.

“I’d always heard there was a secret passage in the house,” Sophie told Alma, “from what I’ve read of the history of this place, it was part of the Underground Railroad. I bet this stair goes all the way down to the cellar and that the far wall of the attic is a false wall and there’s some sort of room at the end of this corridor where they’d hide the runaway slaves. Do you want to go see?”

Alma nodded, and the girls carefully picked their way down the corridor; just as Sophie had suspected, it led to a small room with a few very old and dusty beds, a wash stand, and an old wood stove. The girls looked around in amazement. They didn’t enter - somehow it just didn’t seem right – and after looking around for a few minutes, went back the way they came. 

They then headed down the stairwell to see where it went. Alma noticed the “X” on the one stair, and the girls avoided it, worried that it had a loose tread or something. They came to the landing at the half way point, and easily found the latch that opened the door there, and peered into the dark library.

“So this is where the cheeky monkey came from,” Sophie laughed.

Alma nodded, “It makes sense. The library is pretty much at the center of the house. And Stephen’s rooms are just below where the bed is. He must have heard us, and went up this way to investigate. So, do you want to keep going down?”

Sophie made a face, “No…the cellar is really creepy, and this time of year it’s freezing down there. Let’s go out here, and find out how to get into the passage from the library side.”

Coming out from the passage, finding the switch inlaid in the wood was easy, as they just traced it from the latch. Both girls made note of exactly where it was, then closed the door behind them. They made their way through the library, opened the door, and peered out into the hallway. It was quiet, so they put on a casual air and went back to the kitchen to return the flashlight and help Miss Betty with dinner.

While Alma helped with the cooking and Sophie set the table, they asked Miss Betty if they could double up their work the next day which was Friday, then take Saturday off. They explained that they wanted to get the early train Saturday to go do some shopping in the city, stay overnight, and then come home on the mid-morning train Sunday.

Miss Betty beamed, “That sounds like a wonderful idea! The Mister can give you a ride to the station, and then pick you up on Sunday, that way you won’t have to drive.”

All during dinner the girls kept looking at each other and tried to keep from smiling, especially when Stephen ended up joining them for the meal. Alma had never really gotten a good look at him, but liked what she saw. 

He was tall and well built, with closely cropped blond hair, icy blue eyes, a chiseled jaw, and a charmingly crooked nose from when he’d broken it a couple of times playing football in high school and college. He also had a shy smile and an engaging manner which was a contrast to his slightly imposing appearance. She caught his eye a couple of times during the meal, and was amused by the look of wonder that crossed his face each time.

After the meal was over, the girls made their arrangements, including getting a nice hotel room for Saturday night, and got their things packed. They had more than a few paychecks stashed in their respective accounts, and looked forward to day of shopping and splurging on a fancy dinner out. After a flurry of work on Friday, they were up early on Saturday morning for the ride into town.

Mr. Allenton dropped them off and they purchased some donuts and coffee from the local bakery, and made their way to the train station. They picked up their tickets, and shivered out on the platform waiting for the train. When it arrived they hurried on and walked through it until they found a couple of seats together. They stashed their bags in the overhead, and settled into their seats. They handed their tickets to the conductor when he came by and soon dropped off for a nap, lulled by the motion of the train.

Alma woke up a couple of stations before their arrival. Unlike Sophie who had been born and raised in the town they’d just left, she was from the city and was excited to be returning for a visit. It was always so pretty in the winter, all decorated for the holidays, and she couldn’t wait to show her girlfriend the sights. She reached over, and took Sophie’s hand and held it gently as she planned their route to maximize their time on their short trip.

She gave Sophie a nudge when they were about 15 minutes out, and they gathered their things. When the train stopped at the underground platform, they got off, and took the escalator up. Alma smiled as Sophie let out a little gasp. It wasn’t the first time she’d been to the city, but she’d never been during the winter, and was overcome by how beautiful the huge concourse of the station was all done up for the holiday.

The girls stashed their things in a locker as it was too early to check in at their nearby hotel, so Alma took Sophie to a nice restaurant that she knew of for lunch. There were some cute boutiques nearby, and both girls passed the time trying things on, and each ended up with a few new outfits. As soon as it was 2:00, they went back to the train station and got their bags, then checked in at the hotel and went up to their room to drop off their things. Sophie peered out the window, and took in the view, “So how long will it take to get to the shop?”

Alma looked up from putting on her lipstick, “If we walk, probably about half an hour. But we could get the subway or take a cab if you’d rather.”

“No, let’s walk. Everything is decorated so pretty. Are you ready?”

“I sure am, let’s go!”

The girls made their way through the midday crowds, holding hands as they walked, garnering some appreciative looks from the city’s male population. They chatted and laughed as they went, stopping on the way for some cocoa and cookies, or checking out a little shop that caught their eye, just taking their time and enjoying themselves. As nice as the manor house and nearby town was, it was fun to get away even if it was for just a day. 

When they reached the shop they’d found on the internet, they both found themselves quieting down. Neither of them had ever been to store that specialized in sex toys before, and even outgoing Sophie found herself blushing a bit. But she finally opened the door, and the girls went inside. 

They’d looked for shops that were women friendly, and the inviting interior put them right at ease. As they picked up a shopping basket, the saleslady looked up at them with a smile and a nod, but didn’t intrude giving the girls some time to look around and take things in. 

“So what all do you think we should get?” Alma asked.

Sophie laughed, “One of everything!” The girls burst out in giggles, and began to wander through the store. In actuality they’d put a list of the toys that they wanted to get, and began to look for those items. 

Into the basket went a couple of vibrators, some fuzzy handcuffs, plenty of lube, anal beads, a couple of butt plugs, a strap-on harness with dildos in different thicknesses, and a set of restraints that worked by going under the mattress. Not on the list but into the basket went a double headed dildo, some honey dust, a flogger, some adjustable nipple clamps, a feather wand, and some candles. 

They brought their bounty up to the register, and the saleslady gave them a warm grin, “Looks like you two are stocking up for the winter.”

The girls blushed, “Well, you can never be too prepared,” Sophie replied.

As the saleslady rang them up, she made a few gentle suggestions and recommendations to the girls, and a few things were swapped out for items that might suit them a little better. All in all, it was a very comfortable and fun experience, and the girls left with everything discreetly wrapped and put into plain paper shopping bags. 

They caught a taxi back to their hotel, and couldn’t resist ripping into everything as soon as the door shut behind them. Sophie took out the harness and fit a big fat dildo into it. She put it on over her jeans and gave a few experimental thrusts while Alma looked on amusedly.

“Oh, baby…I can’t wait to try this out on you,” she walked up to Alma, and put her hands on the girl’s hips, trapping the dildo between them, “Imagine me fucking you with this, while Stephen fucks me from behind. Or maybe we can both fuck you at the same time.”

Alma bit her lip as Sophie’s dirty talk worked on her. Sophie leaned in and whispered, “I’d love to fuck your ass with this while he fucks your pussy. Or maybe I can peg him while he fucks you. Oh, oh, you know what would be really hot? To fuck his ass while you suck his cock.”

Sophie looked at Alma, and noticed her expression had gotten grumpy, “What’s wrong?”

“How come YOU get to do all the fucking?”

Sophie laughed and gave her a kiss, “Because I’m the boss in this little relationship of ours, baby girl. But maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you do a little too.” She repositioned the toy so that it went between her girlfriend’s legs, rubbing along the seam of her tight jeans. 

The friction caused Alma to gasp, and grind against her. Sophie pushed her up against the wall, and undid the button and zipper of Alma’s jeans, and slid her hand inside her panties, stroking her clit as she continued to stroke the dildo between her legs, until Alma came with a little cry.

Sophie removed her hand and sucked the juices from her fingers, before planting a lusty kiss on Alma’s pillowy lips, sliding her tongue into the other girl’s mouth. Alma held her tightly as they kissed, and let out a little whimper when Sophie pulled away.

She unstrapped the toy, set it aside, and turned to her girlfriend, “So, I guess it’s time to get ready for dinner?” she asked matter of factly.

Alma nodded, and shakily headed into the bathroom to freshen up. When she was done, Sophie went in to do the same. Once they were all dressed up, makeup done and hair perfect, they grabbed their coats and went down to the lobby where the doorman got them a cab.

They got to the restaurant about an hour early, and perched at the bar to have a few drinks. They had fun flirting with the bartenders and nibbling on an appetizer, and just taking in the hustle and bustle of the place. What Alma hadn’t told Sophie was that this restaurant was also known for its burlesque show after dinner, so after they were seated at their table, they stuffed themselves silly on a decadent meal then settled back with another couple of drinks to watch the equally decadent show. 

Once the entertainment was over and they’d paid their check, the girls headed back to the hotel. They behaved themselves during the cab ride back and while in the lobby, but once the doors of the elevator shut, they were all over each other. Sophie had Alma’s dress up her hips, and was grabbing her ass as they kissed each other hungrily, as Alma groped Sophie’s breasts through her dress.

As the elevator’s ding announced their arrival to their floor, they broke apart and straightened themselves up a bit. They practically ran to their room, and after taking a moment to put out the “Do not disturb” sign, locked the door and got back to business. The girls quickly stripped, and Sophie tackled Alma onto the bed. 

In a tangle of limbs they kissed, hands everywhere, and taking a cue from their earlier conversation, Sophie let Alma take charge. Alma pushed the fiery redhead over onto her back, and eagerly sucked first one nipple, than the other, all the while delving her hand into Sophie’s wet folds and stroking her. Sophie was incredibly turned on by her lover’s enthusiasm, and soon Alma worked her way down between her legs, sucking hard on her clit while fucking her pussy with first two fingers and then three.

Sophie came with a cry, but Alma didn’t let up, and held Sophie down and sucked her to another crashing orgasm before giving in to Sophie’s begging and letting up. Sophie lay there in shock for a moment, then reached over to the nightstand for the harness that she’d left there earlier. She stood and strapped it on, gasping as the base of the dildo bumped against her tender sex.

Alma watched carefully, and when Sophie was finished she beckoned her over. Alma sat at the edge of the bed and grabbed Sophie’s ass, and began to suck on the dildo, working it with her mouth and knowing that her movements were slowly building back up Sophie’s arousal. 

Before she could come again, Sophie pulled out of Alma’s mouth, and knelt before her. She ran her hands up Alma’s thighs, reveling in the silkiness of her skin, and teased her girl by running her fingers and tongue around everywhere but her clit, until Alma was thrashing about trying to make contact. 

Sophie stood and looked at Alma who was panting with need on the bed. “Get up,” she commanded.

Alma stood, and Sophie walked over to the desk, and pulled out the chair, turning it 180 degrees. She walked back over to Alma and grabbed her arm, leading her over to the chair, “I let you do some fucking just as you asked to, and now it’s my turn. Kneel on the chair.”

Alma did as she was told, and Sophie walked over and opened the curtains. Then she knelt behind Alma, and spread the girl’s ass cheeks. She buried her face into her pussy, and ran her tongue along her lover’s dripping slit while rimming her asshole with her thumb. Alma let out a thin cry, and Sophie finally took the girl’s swollen clit into her mouth and sucked it hard. The cry turned to a shout and Sophie sucked and flicked her tongue across the little nub, while Alma squirmed above her. 

Sophie stood and took out a bottle of the lube and the smaller plug from their purchases, and drizzled the cool liquid onto the toy. She slowly and gently worked the plug into Alma’s ass, and worked it in and out slowly until Alma let out a guttural moan.

Sophie leaned over and whispered, “You like that, baby? You like having this up your ass while the whole city watches?”

“I do!”

“Well, that’s good…because after I fuck your pussy raw, I’m going to take it out and fuck your ass, too.”

Alma mewled with desire, and Sophie worked the thick dildo into her tight pussy. She started to thrust into the girl slowly, but soon ratcheted up the pace. Alma was moaning, and Sophie knew from the sound that her girlfriend was right on the brink, so she reached around and stroked her clit in time with her thrusts. 

“Come for me baby girl,” Sophie told her, “come all over my fat cock so I can fuck your ass with it.”

Alma came with a scream, and Sophie continued to thrust into her. She removed her fingers from Alma’s clit and gripped the base of the plug, and worked that in and out of her ass. As she pulled the plug out, she’d thrust the dildo in, then as she pulled the dildo out, she’d thrust the plug in.

The sensations drove Alma to another climax. “You like this, my little slut?” Sophie asked, “You like having both your holes drilled? Because that’s what I’m going to let Stephen do to you. I’m going to let him fuck your pussy while I fuck your ass, and it’s going to feel just like this.”

Alma didn’t respond, she just moaned.

Sophie pulled out, and slid a condom over the dildo, then grabbing the lube she slicked it up. She removed the plug and drizzled some onto Alma’s ass. She worked the lube in with a couple of fingers until Alma was good and relaxed, then she put the head of the dildo against that little rosebud and worked it in carefully, with excruciating slowness.

Alma let out a squeal, and Sophie stilled, “Are you OK, baby?”

“Oh God, Sophie, yes! Please fuck me!” Alma cried.

Sophie smiled and leaned over, nipping and kissing at the back of Alma’s neck, “As you wish.”

With that, Sophie picked up the pace, but still slow enough not to hurt her lover. Eventually Alma began to thrust back against her, and she took this as a sign to go quicker, and soon they were bucking wildly against each other. The base of the dildo worked on Sophie’s clit, and she soon came with a scream. Then she reached around and pinched and teased Alma’s clit until she did the same.

Sophie pulled out the dildo, and Alma collapsed a little as if deflated. She closed the curtains, and helped Alma stand up, then led her over to the bed. She went to the bathroom and took off the harness, and gave the dildo a good cleaning. She then wet a washcloth in warm water, and went back to the bed.

She murmured sweet words to Alma as she cleaned her up a bit, then went back in the bathroom to do the same for herself. Suddenly very tired, she crawled into bed and gathered up Alma in her arms. The girls kissed slowly and languorously for a while, hugging and nuzzling each other until they fell asleep.

The next morning they snuggled for a bit before they got up and packed up their things, showered, and got ready to leave. They used the automated checkout, and walked over to the train station. It was about an hour before they had to leave, so they stopped at the coffee shop for some pastries and coffee. As they ate they talked about and giggled over their adventures, and the ones yet to come.

They were all smiles as their train arrived, and once they got on and found some seats they settled down for the ride back to town.